Zilkr for HipChat works with numbers that belong to phone companies we already work with. The best way to check is to add the Zilkr for HipChat integration from your HipChat account. If this does not work, we'll follow up with your phone company.
Yes! There are two ways to do this.
  • Create a public room and add your number to that room. Everyone in your team will see who's calling.
  • Better yet, create a private room and invite only those on your team you'd like to share view your calls.
Zilkr uses one of the world's largest Caller ID databases to produce the information you see on incoming calls. That being said, the information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Our partner Nextcaller has a lot more information on where and how this information is generated.
If we work with your phone company and you've successfully setup the Zilkr for HipChat integration, this should happen very rarely. , give us your number and if possible a specific time and the number that was calling you, and we'll troubleshoot the issue right away

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